Job Details

Sportz Consult

Project Manager


Project Manager


1 Year, 6 Month


Education Required



The key responsibilities will be:


  1. To have a detailed knowledge of the entire project.
  2. Complete monitoring of all the infrastructure, setup, logistics are implemented on time a day before the first event day & till the end of the program
  3. Drive all the areas and manage with the central and local team on day to day basis through coordinator.


The key responsibilities for the key tasks are summarized below. He / she will also get involved with other relevant tasks as and when required.


  1. Project management activities, resources, equipment and information.
  2. Liaise with client (RFYS) to identify and define requirements, scope and objectives.
  3. Assign tasks to city teams and assist with schedule management.
  4. Make sure that clients’ needs are met as projects evolve.
  5. Help prepare budgets.
  6. Analyse risks and opportunities.
  7. Oversee project procurement management.
  8. Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise.
  9. Supervise the project status given by project coordinators.
  10. Use tools to monitor working hours, plans and expenditures.
  11. Issue all appropriate legal paperwork (e.g. contracts and terms of agreement)
  12. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports.
  13. Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests.

Other Details

Other important responsibilities include: 1. Monitor any other tasks or deliverables or actions if the situation demands by City head. 2. Well connected, effective & prompt partner network. 3. Plan for all possible scenarios & create backup plans to counter the scenarios. 4. Clear understanding of the escalation process. 5. Coordinate with the City Head in team registrations through his network. 6. Track Project expenditure on day to day basis

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Our purpose is to create great sports experiences.


Today, we form India's premier sports management company based out of Mumbai, India. Funded by Gaja Capital and backed by a passionate team with experience in Sports, Media, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising & PR we strive for excellence across all our business verticals. 
We bring in the best expertise and the most spread out industry network.

We are 100% focused on sports and are proud to have served India's 100+ most popular Brands, Corporates, Leagues, Franchises, Federations & Associations. We deliver enduring business value to our clients through our programs which stand out for their innovative concepts, thrilling fan experience and impeccable execution. Over the last 8 years, we have delivered more than 500 events, creating opportunities to play for more than 1 million people every year.