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Marketing Internship at Danamojo


Marketing Internship at Danamojo




Education Required



You will be playing the role of an Inside Sales Manager. This is a role typically present in companies with cloud-based products/platforms like danamojo. As part of this you will be:
1. Assisting our existing clients to renew their annual subscription with us.
2. Bringing on board clients using our services but not having a subscription plan for the same.
3. Helping them use our platform better.
4. Internship starting from 1st April 2019-31st May 2019.
In addition to this activity you will be doing one more research & analysis based project on which you will be expected to submit a report at the end of the internship.

About Us

NGOs face tremendous problems getting a payment gateway but then also struggle technologically to integrate and manage the same in full compliance with the law. And there is no reason why non-profits must not get access to the same set of payment options as available to any for-profit. 
So we have built a payment solutions platform designed for NGOs to fundamentally change the way NGOs interact and engage with their donors with the eventual purpose of increased giving. More than 300 NGOs have signed up on the platform.

It is our goal to equip 10,000+ NGOs with an easy way to collect money from their donors and provide tools and systems to help them better interact with their donors in a consistent and convenient manner. At the very least we hope to change the landscape of giving by enabling 10,000+ NGOs to have an evolved payment solutions platform.