8 Tips to Prepare An Effective Video Resume

tips to prepare an effective video resume

8 Tips to Prepare An Effective Video Resume


What is a Video Resume & how can it help in your job search?
A visume is a short video created by a candidate for job search and uploaded to the Internet for prospective employers to review. The video resume describes the skills and experience. Creating a Video CV is the best way for job seekers, Video Resume can highlight skill of the candidates.

If you are creating a Video Resume as part of your job search, keep these tips in your mind:

1. Make a positive first impression

When it comes to creating a right impression for a job interview, a Video CV gives you more control over a Text resume. You can present yourself in the best possible light to hiring managers because you are able to record and re-record until you’re pleased with your “first impression.” Be confident and talk slowly.


2. Let your personality shine

A Video CV is a powerful way that can show your true personality in 3-5 minutes footage. So, you have good chances of expressing your inner self with a video resume in front of employer and they attracted and engaged.


3. Prepare a script

In your video, You want to seem natural, but at least you should have a sense of what you want to say, and how you want to present your video resume. Do not read directly from a script, or from your text resume, that leads to a dull video. The main points to express in the video CV are what you’ll provide the company, and your major goals, and skills.


4. Show, don’t tell

Use visuals to illustrate what you’re saying in the video script and showcase your talents & skills. you’re applying for any of your presentations were recorded, use that footage in your video resume.


5. Keep it short and simple

Videos should be between 50 to 90 seconds. Anything longer than that is unlikely to be watched.


6. Be professional

Dress as you would for an interview, and maintain a professional demeanor. Pay attention, too, to the background of shots, and make sure it looks tidy. it is best for the candidate to stay away from on camera antics (such as dancing or playing a sport) that would not be applicable characteristics for the job they are applying for.


7. Dress appropriately

Candidates should remember that their visume is present their self, so they should dress professionally , and also be aware of the background before taping the video resume.


8. Reflects Your Enthusiasm

A video resume help job seeker to express their enthusiasm more effectively. With the Video CV you can show your skills and positive personality that will convince the employer that you are serious about the job.