Benefits of Video Resume Over Textual Resume

benefits of video resume

Benefits of Video Resume Over Textual Resume


Job Employers know that the first step to getting hired is crafting the best resume for the position. Resumes are the first thing recruiters see. If they don’t pay attention to your resume, you don’t have a chance of getting in.

So what are the benefits of using a video resume over a textual resume?

1. Showcases Your Personality

Speaking confidently into the camera your character and skills are evident right from the start. it is very easy for your recruiter to see this, and immediately appreciate what you can offer to the company. When you record your video resume with the positive attitude, employer feels attracted and engaged.


2. Reflects Your Enthusiasm

Employers look for the candidates who are technically savvy and keep themselves updated with the new advancements. A video resume will show your knowledge of the new techniques. It also reflects your enthusiasm and confidence. Companies crave for confident and enthusiastic people who can give their contribution to the company’s development. A video resume will give your profile a standard and will help you in landing a good job.


3. Creates A Perfect First Impression

Often, it’s difficult applying for a job because it’s not known what the interviewer will want or need from the job seeker. Writing a resume is no easy task. However, it’s the first impression the interviewer has, and it must be done well. Now with video, there’s an additional way to catch the eye of the interviewer. By using both, the odds of receiving that all-important interview becomes much higher.


4. Sells Your Skills

With a video resume, you can easily pitch well before an employer. A video resume gives you the liberty to demonstrate your technical skills in verbal and non-verbal manner. In a verbal manner, you can demonstrate your customer dealing abilities for a sales job.


5. Simple And Easy To Do

Recording is not a difficult task. All you have to do is get a digital camera or any common camcorder and find a suitable place where you can record your video resume.


6. Proves your ability to sell

This is because the employers require to view their practical experience before choosing them and it is only possible with a video resume and not paper resume. Even when the case is about checking candidates communication skills then it is much easier to determine this using such a resume.


7. Ensures visibility

These are some of the benefits of video resume over textual resume and there is no doubt that employers prefer video resume over textual resume because it is a quick tool which speeds up the screening process and employer can gauge the professional abilities like presentation skills, self-projection, and body language.