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Heralding a new era in the way job aspirants are profiled academically and professionally in their CV, BUDDING has launched a pioneering platform by offering an unprecedented visibility coupled with a visual narrative of candidate. It’s a unique way of empowering job aspirant by making them brand ambassador of their professional life. In a hugely connected digital world driven by lightning speed of data and information, there is compelling need to break out of writing CV the conventional way. Be the communicator, story teller and hero of your professional life story.

BUDDING.IN helps job aspirant unlock the world of opportunities by profiling his/her education, experience and every important aspect of his/her professional life by capturing them in the visual story narrated by them. The VIDEO CV is a clutter breaking approach to market and position your career by its path breaking format of profiling candidate in real and vibrant manner. The unique way of visual narrative by the candidate helps candidate showcase many aspects of life to his/her potential employer in the manner that leaves lasting impression.


Insightful learning acquired over a decade long experience in the field of electronic media and especially in advertising, we realized that conventional wisdom of chasing professional aspirations needs to be revisited and revamped to make it more relevant and deliverable in this digital age. No matter how painstakingly one may work on drafting his CV, HR professionals go over it in very casual way thereby yielding no result to the efforts put in by the aspirant. It seemed to the aspirant that there is no way around it until BUDDING.IN struck this BRILLIANT idea.


BUDD COMM PVT. LTD., the parent venture promoting BUDDING.IN, with over a decade long experience, has left its mark of excellence through its service portfolio of advertising, consultancy and buying, designing and producing TV commercial, corporate films, documentaries etc. It has made its presence felt in the corporate and entertainment event management. Having carved a niche for itself in Gujarat’s corporate and media field, BUDD COMM PVT. LTD. proudly possesses a body of work across the formats ranging from event management, advertising, public relations, Gujarati films promotion and distribution. BUDD COMM PVT. LTD. envisions expanding its horizon by nurturing existing clients and acquiring new ones in the media field and leaving its foot print on national scale in foreseeable future.


Every job aspirant treats his/her CV as his passport to successful professional life and thereby putting in best of efforts to create a CV that leaves nothing to chance across the table during the interview. But no matter how painstakingly one may work on crafting CV, HR professionals go over it in very casual way thereby yielding no result to the efforts put in by the aspirant. It seemed to the aspirant that there is no way around it until BUDDING struck this BRILLINANT idea. The VIDEO CV creates win-win equation for job aspirant and employer alike. While job aspirant gets to express his professional life in the manner that gives him edge in articulating his core strength, it provides employer the insight into the persona of job aspirant by watching him narrate his life story. By getting to feature in this format of VIDEO CV, an aspirant enhances his employability. By featuring in this VIDEO CV, aspirant’s path to job selection is hugely shortened. After all, by being brand ambassador of one’s professional life, communication through VIDEO CV is most likely to deliver the right impact your conventional CV can never deliver.


The making part of VIDEO CV is as interesting as the VIDEO CV itself. At an appointed hour, the job aspirant, meets the creative team of BUDDING and shares every relevant details of CV. The creative team based on the input from the job aspirant, scripts entire VIDEO CV keeping the sector, position, experience and other critical details of experience and qualifications in mind. Once he gets past this stage, a schedule is chalked out to execute the scripted CV into VIDEO CV. Once the shooting part is done, the CV goes through important post-production stages like, music, editing, graphics etc. to deliver VIDEO CV.


BUDDING.iN, with its innovation and outcome-driven approach of designing and delivering VIDEO CV in the armory of job aspirants, aims to create a next generation CV designed to take aspirant’s career on unprecedented growth trajectory.

Our Mission

BUDDING.IN, through its platform’s widely connected network of reputed HR professionals, renowned corporate names and job aspirants, brings all of them on the common platform creating an ecosystem for the interested parties. This brings in a great deal of ease of operation to close the employment deal that is win-win for all the parties.

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The following documentation details the terms of use of our Website “www.budding.in”. It also reviews our Privacy Policy to learn how we treat personal information your provide us with. Acceptance of the conditions

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Budding is an online platform that allows candidates or users to have a personal video profile to seek employment. In this profile, the candidate can show their VideoCV (hereinafter “Visume”) as well as other personal information so that companies can contact them and include them in their selection processes. The candidate can access and/or acquire any of the services available on the website. These services can be added, modified or eliminated at any time by BUDD COMM PVT. LTD. These include, for example, recording and uploading Visume, access and enrollment to job offers, obtaining a personal profile a uploading a CV.

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